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Our Mission 
To help readers become smarter and more thoughtful news consumers

Our Story 
Newsreel was founded by Jack Brewster in 2018. Jack, an avid news reader and journalist himself, was frustrated by the fact the news industry was not doing more to help him remember important information. The media was doing a great job of capturing his attention, but not retaining it. At various journalism jobs and internships, Jack felt complicit. He set out to build a media company that would reject the web's way of delivering information. To accomplish this goal, he assembled a team of young people, all raised in the digital age.

The Newsreel Manifesto

The problem: 

We have more access to information than ever before, but are we really better informed?

We think not and the internet is to blame. The web wasn't built for online reading, yet the media is doing everything in its power to conform to it. 

Political news for a new generation:

Information is infinite and accessible. We want to help you process it.

What is Newsreel?: 

We've set out to build a news platform that will provide the structure for you to think better about the news. Every part of our platform was designed with the reader in mind, and the problems people have with reading news on the web. Newsreel was created in response to an information crisis facing our country and the chaos of news in the digital age. 

Our goal:

With Newsreel, we hope to change the way we deliver news and, in turn, the way people consume news. Newsreel was designed to help an ADD generation slow down and process news the way our brains were designed to. In doing so, we hope to address an information crisis but also a democracy crisis. When citizens are better informed, our country is better prepared to grapple with the pressing issues of our time. 

Our timeline:

Our platform is still in beta testing. We're hoping to launch a beta product for the public to test next year. 

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