Our Mission 

Newsreel keeps you in the know wherever, whenever with political news that’s easy and efficient to process, retain and understand. 

The Newsreel Manifesto

The problem: 

We have more access to information than ever before, but are we really better informed?

We think not and the media is to blame. News is overwhelming, difficult to read, and too often one-sided. 


Political news for a new generation:

We need a news source for a new generation, a new online news outlet that's reflective, not reactive. A news company focused on major themes and trends, not never-ending breaking news.  

What is Newsreel?: 

Balanced, digestible and engaging political news for young people. 

Founded by young people, for young people, Newsreel was created in response to an information crisis facing our country and the chaos of news in the digital age. 

Our goal:

With Newsreel, we hope to change the way we deliver news and, in turn, the way people consume news. Newsreel was designed to help an ADD generation slow down and process news the way our brains were designed to. In doing so, we hope to address an information crisis but also a democracy crisis. When citizens are better informed, our country is better prepared to grapple with the pressing issues of our time. 

Why Newsreel?



For every one of Newsreel’s stories, editors pick out high-quality opinion pieces from both sides of the aisle to help you break out of the bubble.



All of Newsreel's content is designed to be read once a day in five minutes or less. We always get straight to the facts and tell stories through bullet notes, not blocks of text. 


News can be boring and tough to read. Most newspapers still

tell stories like it's 1919, not 2019. At Newsreel, we produce serious, informative journalism but we tell it in a conversational, easy to read way. 


The Best Content. 

Sometimes we say Newsreel isn't a news source – it's a news delivery platform. We are always looking for creative ways to make news more accessible and easy to read. 

Why should any news source only consist of its own content? At Newsreel, we aggregate the highest quality reporting and writing from around the web and package it into one news product .