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Jul 29, 2019

Harris Unveils Health Care Plan

  • Kamala Harris introduces her plan for Medicare for All.

  • She differs from other Medicare for All candidates like Sanders in her inclusion of private insurance and less taxation.

  • The plan attempts to appease both moderate and progressive liberals but Harris receives criticism from Biden’s and Sanders’ campaigns for a lack of commitment towards a specific healthcare method. 

Jul 23, 2019

Harris Unveils Marijuana Bill

  • Kamala Harris unveils bill to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level

  • The bill includes a 5 percent tax on weed sales that would help fund rehabilitation programs for those convicted of marijuana crimes

  • Harris becomes the fourth Democratic presidential candidate to back marijuana legalization, along with Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders  

Jul 18, 2019

Kamala Harris Unveils Plan to Combat Rising Drug Prices

Kamala Harris unveils a plan to fight increasing drug costs. The plan would direct the Department of Health and Human Services to set fair drug prices. If a drug company continued to sell a drug at a higher price, their profits would be taxed at 100%. Then, the money earned from the taxes would be reallocated back to the consumers. Harris’ plan also calls for importing medicine from other countries to spur competition if Congress doesn’t act. The U.S. has some of the highest drug costs in the world.

Jul 7, 2019

Harris Raises $12 Million in Q2

Kamala Harris raises $12 million in Q2. Harris has the fourth most cash on hand of all Democratic candidates. 

Jul 5, 2019

Harris Introduces Black Homeownership Plan

Kamala Harris introduces black homeownership plan to combat racial inequality. Investing over $100 billion into black homeownership efforts, Harris’ proposal would aim to grow anti-discrimination lending laws and fair housing enforcement, as well as provide grants and financial literacy courses to first-time home buyers.

Jun 12, 2019

Harris Announces Plans for Immigration Issue and Dreamers

Harris says that if elected president, she will immediately reinstate DACA and establish a system in which Dreamers are “paroled” and thus eligible for a green card. Her plan will also mean using executive power to overcome a variety of legal obstacles Dreamers face, drawing criticism from some that the plan would abuse the power of the presidency

May 28, 2019

Harris Unveils Abortion Plan in Town Hall

Senator Harris states that if elected, she will pass a bill called the Reproductive Rights Act, modeled after the 1965 Voting Rights Act, requiring states with anti- abortion laws would have to get Justice Department approval before enforcing pro-life law. 

May 22, 2019

Harris Rolls Out Legislation Addressing Black Maternal Mortality

Kamala Harris announces legislation aimed at addressing gaps and racial biases in maternal care. Citing CDC statistics showing black women are three times as likely to die from pregnancy-related complications, the program would provide funding for nursing and medical programs to improve education surrounding care of pregnant, black women

Apr 22, 2019

Kamala Harris Says, If Elected President, She Would Sign Far-Reaching Gun Control Executive Orders

Sen. Kamala Harris, a Democratic candidate for president, says in a CNN Town Hall that, if elected, she would sign executive orders mandating background checks and more rigorous regulation of gun manufacturers

Apr 14, 2019

Harris Releases Tax Returns

Harris' 2018 return shows she and her husband made nearly $2 million combined and donated $27,000 to charity in 2018

Jan 21, 2019

Kamala Harris Announces 2020 Campaign for Presidency

On Good Morning America, Senator Kamala Harris announces her campaign for the 2020 president election

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