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Aug 7, 2019

Biden Says Trump Caused Racial Violence in Speech Following Mass Shootings

  • Biden, in a speech in Iowa, criticized Trump’s handling of national tragedy and argued the president invites hate and racism.

  • “The words of the president matter,” he said. “In both clear language and in code, this president has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation.”

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Jul 23, 2019

Biden Announces Plan to Reduce Mass Incarceration

  • Joe Biden unveils his plan to reform the criminal justice system.

  • The plan vows to reform policing, reduce mass incarceration, and shift funding to social programs for at-risk youths.

  • The plan is contrast to Biden's history of supporting tough on crime policies as senator

Jul 15, 2019

Biden Introduces Obamacare 2.0 Plan

Joe Biden unveils a healthcare proposal. The plan aims to expand Medicaid and add a new public insurance option. Unlike other candidates who are looking to transform the U.S. healthcare system, Biden would make moderate improvements to Affordable Care Act as president

Jul 11, 2019

Biden Lays Out Foreign Policy Plans in NY Speech

Joe Biden describes what his foreign policy actions would be as president in a NY speech. In the speech, the former VP bashes Trump’s “America First” stance and says he would undo the foreign policy actions the president has taken, including withdrawing from the Paris climate accords and the Iran nuclear deal 

Jul 7, 2019

Biden Raises $22 Million in Q2

Joe Biden raises $21 million in Q2. Biden has the fifth most cash on hand of all Democratic candidates. 

Jun 19, 2019

Biden Faces Criticism After Invoking Segregationist Senators as Example of Civility

In an attempt to show the need for bipartisan consensus, Joe Biden described how he was able to work with the late segregationist Sens. James Eastland and Herman Talmadge despite their views. To some, the comments were seen to be out of touch or offensive because of the racially charged connotation of the word "boy." Biden later tries to clear up what he meant in an interview with Al Sharpton – but doesn't apologize. 

Jun 11, 2019

Biden Shifts Stance On China

Biden clarifies his position on China in a speech in Iowa. The former VP talks about leveling the playing field by, among other things, working with allies to combat China, and protecting American intellectual property. Last month, Biden downplayed China as a threat to the U.S. "They’re not competition for us,” the former VP said

Jun 5, 2019

Biden Campaign Confirms His Support of Hyde Act

Contradicting a previous statement by Biden, his campaign states officially that Biden supports the Hyde Act, which bans federal funding for abortions unless the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. Support of the bill sets him apart from his primary competition and the Democratic party platform coming out against the act and generated swift and fierce backlash. 

Jun 4, 2019

Joe Biden Rolls Out Climate Plan

Vowing to go “well beyond” President Obama’s climate change efforts, Joe Biden’s climate plan calls for net- zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 in the U.S., re-joining the Paris climate deal and praising the Green New Deal as an important framework. However, the plan is receiving criticism for including plagiarized passages, which Biden’s campaign chalks up to a citation error. 

May 28, 2019

Biden Unveils Education Plan

Joe Biden announces his education plan for if he is elected, focusing on better and more equal school funding as well as higher teacher wages. With his wife, Jill Biden, a teacher, at his side, Joe Biden seeks to appeal to teachers and continue the Democratic party’s education plan from previous administrations. However, the plan avoids discussing his stance on charter schools

May 27, 2019

Biden and Trump Spar over North Korea’s Comments

After a North Korean news agency calls Joe Biden “a fool of low IQ,”  President Trump said he agrees with Kim Jong Un’s opinion of Biden. Biden’s campaign releases a statement calling Trump’s siding with the North Korean leader “beneath the dignity of the office”

Apr 26, 2019

Joe Biden Announces Big First Day Haul Following Campaign Launch

Joe Biden raises more money in the first 24 hours following campaign launch than any other 2020 Democratic rival has in same period of time

Apr 25, 2019

Joe Biden Announces 2020 Campaign for President

Joe Biden, the former vice president to Barack Obama and Delaware senator, officially kicks off his campaign for president in a video message on Twitter. Biden, an instant frontrunner because of his name recognition and experience, has been embroiled in controversy over his past voting record and allegations he inappropriately touched multiple women

Apr 3, 2019

Biden Responds to Allegations

After two more women come forward with allegations against Biden bringing the total count to four, Joe Biden publishes a video message on Twitter saying he will be "more mindful" of personal space

Apr 1, 2019

Another Woman Accuses Joe Biden of Inappropriate Touching

A Connecticut woman alleges that Joe Biden touched her inappropriately at a Greenwich fundraiser

Mar 29, 2019

Joe Biden Accused of Inappropriate Kissing

Lucy Flores, a Nevada Democrat, accuses Joe Biden of inappropriate kissing

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