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Sep 3, 2019

Walmart Will Stop Selling Certain Kinds of Ammunition

  • Walmart announces they will soon no longer sell certain types of ammo and will tell customers they can't visibly carry firearms in store. 

  • The decision by the nation's largest retailer comes in the wake of the El Paso shooting, when a man killed 22 outside a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. 

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Aug 7, 2019

Republican Support for Red Flag Laws Grows

  • Under mounting pressure to pass gun control legislation following several mass shootings, the GOP zeroes in on so-called "red flag" gun laws.

  • Red flag laws allow authorities to temporarily remove firearms from a person deemed dangerous by a court.

  • It's unclear how effective red flag laws are. Democrats argue red flag laws aren't enough, per the NYT.

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Aug 5, 2019

President Trump Condemns Hatred, White Supremacy Following Shootings

  • President Trump condemns “racism, bigotry and white supremacy” in address to the nation after two shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

  • He calls for the Department of Justice to work with federal, state and local authorities in pursuit of future shooters and to cast a light on the “dark recesses of the web.”

  • He also says he wishes to reform mental health and background check laws.

  • Critics argue the speech is hollow given its contradiction to his recent twitter history. 

Aug 3, 2019

El Paso and Dayton: Two Mass Shootings in Thirteen Hours

  • Two mass shootings in one weekend left 29 people dead and 50 injured.

  • In El Paso, a gunman attacks shoppers at a Walmart.

  • Later in Dayton, a man shot nine people in a 30 second spree in an entertainment district.

  • Police in El Paso say the killings are being treated as a hate crime and a domestic terrorism incident, while Dayton Police have not yet concluded the shooter’s motive there. 

Jul 28, 2019

Three Killed in Garlic Gilroy Festival Shooting

  • A 19-yr old man kills 3 people and injures 15 at a Garlic Gilroy Festival shooting in California.

  • Before going on the rampage, the man made a Facebook post about a novel which hate/extremist experts, like Brian Levin, call an essential in the “Aryan Book Club”

Jun 10, 2019

Supreme Court Rejects Gun Silencer Case

The Supreme Court rejects two cases challenging the regulation of gun silencers. Two Kansas men, joined by several conservative states, had argued that gun silencers are protected by the 2nd amendment. The Trump administration asked the court to not take up the case. Days earlier, a gunman used a silencer to kill 12 people in Virginia Beach

Jun 9, 2019

N.R.A. Finances Reflect Exorbitant Spending by Board Members

A Washington Post investigation finds that the NRA, already under financial scrutiny for misusing monies, funneled money to its board members, the very people in charge of overseeing the misappropriation of funds. The investigation finds that 18 out of 76 board members collected money for their non-salaried positions

May 31, 2019

Virginia Beach Shooting

A government employee kills eleven coworkers and one contractor in a Virginia Beach, VA municipal building. Following the shooting, Virginia Democrats begin a renewed effort to push gun control legislation

May 7, 2019

Colorado Shooting

Two students are suspected of killing one and wounding eight at a Highlands, CO school

Apr 29, 2019

Turmoil at the N.R.A.

After the New York Attorney General Letitia James announces she is going to investigate the National Rifle Association's tax-exempt status, the longtime president of the pro-gun group, Oliver North, steps down. Wayne LaPierre is unanimously reelected as chief executive

Mar 21, 2019

New Zealand Bans Assault Rifles Days After Mass Shooting

New Zealand passes assault weapons ban days after the Mosque mass shooting. The quick response prompts discussions in U.S. about Congress's actions after mass shootings on our own soil

Mar 15, 2019

New Zealand Mosque Mass Shooting

Shooter kills 49 at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. The gunman used five guns that he was in legal possession of and live-streamed the massacre on Facebook

Mar 14, 2019

Connecticut Supreme Court Rules Sandy Hook Families Can Sue Gun Manufacturer

In a narrow 5-4 ruling, the Connecticut State Supreme Court rules that the families of Sandy Hook victims can sue the gun manufacturer Remington. The case revolved around the federal Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which protects gun manufacturers from lawsuits

Feb 27, 2019

House Passes Universal Background Checks Bill

The Democratic-controlled House passes bill requiring background checks on all gun purchases along mostly party lines, 240-190. It's the first significant gun control bill to pass in more than two decades though it faces uphill battle in GOP-controlled Senate

Feb 15, 2019

Aurora Mass Shooting

A recently fired employee kills five at manufacturing plant in Aurora, Illinois. The 45-year-old felon was in illegal possession of the firearm he used in the attack

Jan 22, 2019

Supreme Court To Hear Major Gun Rights Case

The Supreme Court agrees to hear its first major gun rights case since 2010. The case centers on an NRA-backed group's challenge to a New York City handgun law

Jan 8, 2019

Democrats Push Universal Background Checks

House Democrats introduce bipartisan legislation that would require background checks on all gun purchases

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