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Aug 29, 2019

Trump Administration to Roll Back Methane Restrictions

  • The Environmental Protection Agency announces that they will ease Obama-era regulations on methane emissions. 

  • The regulations primarily affect the oil and gas industries which contribute a significant amount of greenhouse gases, but the Trump administration says the old rules would have a minimal effect on reducing climate emissions.

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Aug 12, 2019

Trump Chips Away at the Endangered Species Act

  • New Trump administration rules will weaken the Endangered Species Act.

  • The new rules will do two major things to change how the act is enforced – 1) make it easier for animals to be removed from the endangered species list, 2) allow the EPA, for the first time, to weigh the economic impact of protecting certain species.

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Aug 8, 2019

U.N. Report Says Climate Change Could Mean Less Food

  • A major United Nations report on climate change concludes that not only is human activity leading to climate change, but such change could reduce global food supply if left unchecked.

  • The report states that resources are being exploited at “unprecedented rates.”

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Jun 19, 2019

New York To Pass Ambitious Climate Plan

New York lawmakers agree to pass the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CCPA) which essentially requires the state reach "net-zero" emissions by 2050. The NY Times calls the legislation, "one of the world’s most ambitious climate plans"

Jun 19, 2019

EPA Rolls Back Coal Emissions Standards

The EPA announces a new plan, the Affordable Clean Energy rule, which replaces Obama’s Clean Power Plan of 2015. A month later, a coalition of 29 states and cities filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration for what they argue is a weakening of the Obama-era climate rule. 

May 27, 2019

Trump Administration Undermines Climate Science

In comments at the G7 summit, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler hints that the U.S. might rethink the way climate change studies are done, reflecting a new effort within the Trump administration to undermine the studies upon which climate change policy relies

Mar 25, 2019

World Carbon Emissions Increased By Record Highs in 2018

World CO2 emissions rose in 2018 by 1.7 percent, the largest yearly rate increase since 2013, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA)

Mar 15, 2019

Students Across the World Protest Inaction on Climate Change

A 16-year-old Swedish teenager launches a climate change movement that spreads across the world to countries including the U.S. and U.K. "Tens of thousands" of students skip school on Friday, March 15 in protest. NPR calls the protest, dubbed the "U.S. Youth Climate Strike" in America, one of the "largest turn outs so far" 

Feb 7, 2019

Green New Deal Formally Unveiled

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Edward Markey of Massachusetts formally unveil a resolution dubbed the 'Green New Deal'

Jan 8, 2019

U.S. Carbon Emissions Rose for First Time in Three Years in 2018

U.S. carbon emissions increased by 3.4 percent in 2018, the largest increase in eight years, according to the Rhodium Group. It's also the first uptick in carbon emissions in the U.S. in three years

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