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Welcome to the Big Time, Boris

The Primary: British lawmakers rebuffed new Prime Minister Boris Johnson with two major votes on Wednesday.

  • Who? What? Why?: 1) Lawmakers voted to delay Brexit by three months and 2) Britain's lower chamber voted down Boris's request for an October 15 snap election.

  • The Baseline: The two votes "significantly reduce the chances that the U.K. will leave the bloc abruptly on Oct. 31 without a deal," according to the WSJ.

  • From a British Journalist: "With Parliament having again flexed its long dormant democratic muscle, it was Mr. Johnson who looked isolated," writes James Butler in the New York Times.

  • From the Right: "An election for a new Parliament is the best way for the British to instruct their reluctant representatives," writes the WSJ editorial board. "British politics has been close to paralyzed since the 2016 Brexit referendum because Parliament has been composed mainly of politicians who didn’t want to leave the European Union."

  • A Hot Start: "After just six weeks on the job, Johnson has lost his governing majority, exiled some of his party’s most honored members and been slapped down by lawmakers three times in 24 hours," reported the Washington Post.

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