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Trump Administration Blocks California's Emission Rules

The Primary: On Wednesday, the Trump administration will move to block California from mandating stricter emissions rules on automobiles, Bloomberg reports.  

  • Who? What? Why?: An Obama administration rule permitted states to set strict pollution standards on cars and trucks. Trump is reversing that rule.

  • The Baseline: According to the Times it's a "move designed by the White House to strike twin blows against both the liberal-leaning state that President Trump has long antagonized and the environmental legacy of President Barack Obama." It will likely ignite a legal battle between CA and Trump, reports Axios. 

  • From the CA Governor: CA Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom tweeted: "Hi, @realDonaldTrump. Let me break it down in simple terms for you... Reducing emissions: -Protects our air & health -Is good for the economy -Allows families to pay less at the pump We’re here in the 21st century. Let us know when you decide to join us."

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