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Saudi Arabian Oil Fields Attacked

The Primary: Yemeni rebels bombed two key oil fields in Saudi Arabia. Soon after, Trump tweeted that Iran was behind the attacks.

Who? What? Why?: The facilities attacked are critical in Saudi Arabia's processing of crude oil and could seriously affect global oil supplies. The damage incurred from the attacks is a testament to not only the security risks facing Saudi Arabian oil facilities, but the dangers of relying on a primary fuel source from a single country.

The Baseline: Trump said he will support Saudi Arabia in their self-defense, meaning the U.S. military could be entering a new conflict in the Middle East. His support led to legislators decrying his willingness to enter new conflict.

From the Left: Timothy L. O'Brien of Bloomberg says don't hold your breath for Trump to handle this situation correctly. Noting Trump's ignoring of Saudi war crimes in Yemen, O'Brien argues Trump will likely appease the Saudis before looking to American opinion.

From the Right: Max Boot of the Washington Post says the attacks are indicative of Trump's failed Middle East policy. His "outsourcing" of diplomacy to Saudi Arabia and Israel, Boot argues, is especially dangerous given their shared enmity for Iran.

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