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Queen Elizabeth Approves Suspending Parliament

The Primary: Queen Elizabeth approved Prime Minister Boris Johnson's request to suspend Parliament from mid-September to October 14th.

  • Who? What? Why?: "The real purpose of the dramatic move is to limit the amount of time opposition members of Parliament have to block a 'no-deal' Brexit," writes Axios.

  • The Baseline: Britain is trying to negotiate its departure from the European Union. The deadline to reach an agreement is October 31st. A "no-deal" Brexit would have disastrous implications.

  • From the Left: Britain's constitutional crisis resembles America's, argues Anne Applebaum of the Washington Post. "There could be democratic solutions to this dilemma," writes Applebaum. "One of them would be a new referendum. Johnson doesn’t want that, however."

  • From the Right: The Wall Street Journal editorial board is focused on the economic implications of a "no-deal." Johnson's move increases the likelihood that Britain will exit without a pact so the U.S. would be wise to negotiate a deal soon. "This is already an important trading relationship," the board writes. "The nations exchanged $261.9 billion in goods and services last year, with the U.S. running an $18.9 billion surplus. The U.S. is Britain’s largest trading partner."

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