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Planned Parenthood Withdraws from Title X Funding

The Primary: Planned Parenthood announces they will withdraw from Title X funding, saying a new Trump administration rule regarding abortion referrals is forcing them out. Who? What? Why?: Following a new Trump administration rule that disallows Planned Parenthood from referring patients seeking abortions to doctors who will give them, the women’s health organization withdrew from over $290 million in federal funding that provides health care and other services to low income women. The withdrawal could impact over 1.5 million women who lean on Planned Parenthood for help.

The Baseline: Planned Parenthood argues that the new rule violates doctor-patient relationships and is unethical. On the other side, anti- abortion activists believe the rule postively allows for a separation of abortion and “acceptable” healthcare services.

From the Left: The New York Times Editorial Board says the withdrawal is the result of the Trump administration gutting Title X, an unsung hero of American health care. The administration’s forcing means the destroying years of progress towards providing women healthcare benefits they could not afford.

From the Right: John McCormack of the National Review argues that it’s not a gag rule but a rule of law. Ultimately, he argues, the rules adhere to the original idea of Title X, that abortion should not be a fundamental aspect of family planning. It’s not the Trump administration’s fault if Planned Parenthood wants to pull funding out of political disagreement.


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