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NYPD Officer Fired Over Death of Eric Garner

The Primary: New York Police Commissioner James O’Neill announces Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who choked Eric Garner to death in an arrest altercation gone wrong, has been fired from the NYPD.

Who? What? Why?: The decision comes 5 years after the incident, and while many justice advocates are pleased with the firing, some believe more should have been done and sooner.

The Baseline: The Police Commissioner’s emotional explanation for firing David Pantaleo drew heat for empathizing with Pantaleo, saying that as a former officer, it could have been him and Garner should not have resisted. However, some argue the move was an effort to appeal to the NY Police Union, who believe Pantaleo should not have been fired.

From the Left: The New York Times editorial board believes the firing will help heal a deep wound in New York City, but like most people, they argue, they wish it had never happened at all. "Police officers who violate the public trust must be held accountable, for the good of the public and the police force," writes the board.

From the Right: James Gagliano of the Washington Examiner argues that while the death is tragic, the blame rests on Garner for resisting in the first place . Pantaleo has been unjustly punished for merely following orders. "Despite Eric Garner, Daniel Pantaleo doesn't deserve to be fired," reads the headline.

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