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Italy’s Prime Minister Resigns

The Primary: Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, announced he will resign from his position amidst tensions between Italy’s two populist parties that make up the government’s majority coalition. Seeking a neutral leader, they had selected Conte, a professor, to be the head of their government.

  • Who? What? Why?: After an anti-establishment party, the 5 Star Movement, won the most votes in the most recent election but not enough to hold a majority, they banded together with the League, a far-right party, to form a government. However, Matteo Salvini, the League’s leader, has been pushing for new elections in the hope he would become the next Prime Minister.

  • The Baseline: The plan may have backfired for Salvini, though, because with Conte’s resignation, the current government is effectively shut down and it will be up to Italy’s president to decide what comes next. While Salvini could get the power he desires, the president could also call for a new election resulting in a new coalition between the 5 stars and the Democratic party, thus kicking the League out.

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