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GOP Support For Red Flag Gun Laws Grows

The Primary: Under mounting pressure to pass gun control legislation following several mass shootings, the GOP is zeroing in on so-called "red flag" gun laws.

  • Who? What? Why?: Red flag laws allow authorities to temporarily remove firearms from a person deemed dangerous by a court via a protection order. Here's a more thorough run-through.

  • The Baseline: It's unclear how effective red flag laws are. Democrats argue red flag laws aren't enough, per the NYT.

  • From the Left: The Los Angeles Times editorial board is in favor of red flag gun laws but wants Congress to do more. "Pardon our cynicism, but the blood is barely dry in Ohio and Texas," writes the board, and Trump and the GOP "are already back to pooh-poohing reasonable proposals."

  • From the Right: Famed legal professor and WSJ contributor Alan Dershowitz says we should "be wary" of laws "denying individual rights based on predictions." Red flag laws set a "dangerous precedent." Conversely, David French of the National Review argues in favor of red flag gun laws. Those, like Dershowitz, who say that the government doesn't restrict liberties based on evidence of future danger are wrong. Think of domestic violence orders of protection, etc. Our laws need to respond to "evidence of a threat." Red flag laws would help us respond to the "obvious warning signs" of mass shooters.

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